Building a community of practice for sharing information literacy resources as OERs

On 14th August 2012, the CILIP Information Literacy Group is sponsoring a free workshop (11am-3pm) at the University of Birmingham to discuss how the library community in UK can facilitate the sharing of information literacy resources as open educational resources. The workshop will involve producing a way forward for how we can work together to achieve this goal, but the project has the wider goal of building a global platform for sharing information literacy resources.

The day will be facilitated by Nancy Graham and Jane Secker who previously worked on the JISC / HEA project DELILA (

We are particularly looking for participation from people with knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Building shared services around OERs
  • Metadata and tagging of IL resources
  • The use of repositories and metadata harvesting protocols
  • Licensing and copyright issues associated with sharing resources

If you would like to attend or any further information then please email Nancy Graham:

If you would like to attend please also send a short summary about how you could contribute to the day.

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